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24 December 2012 @ 03:34 pm

I haven't used LJ for a long long time now....

I blog mostly from my Ameblo

(http://ameblo.jp/shinelover )

sometimes I update my dA as well XD but rarely...

mostly I just use Ameblo...to practice my Japanese and also because I can update it from my phone easily ^^;; (I'm getting lazy orz )

Also I guess I used to us LJ most for my fandom....which isn't quite as active now due to various reasons (THOUGH THE BOYS ARE BACK!)

since starting uni....I haven't had as much time to get fandom stuff done (like making posts...but it's also coz I'm a bit lazy ^^;; )

I have also discovered more artists and various things I like tho XD So that's good I guess?

well just thought I'll type up a short entry since it's been so long :P