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09 February 2013 @ 01:17 am

Livejournal is the first place online I've actually released this information...

I took the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) last year in December.

I took the N2 level...and finally got online results back (well I got them back about a week ago?)

and miraculously I PASSED!

a bit sad about the marks in both grammar/kanji/vocab section. I really should've put more time into studying XD;;;

but too bad the exam was just a week from my uni finals...so effectively I had about 5 days to study all the material for N2 orz
It's a wonder I managed to do alright in Reading XD
and...an even bigger wonder about listening part!
FULL MARKS XD I must thank NEWS (and also the AKB fandom) and my wonderful fandom for this!

watching their videos RAW, watching dramas, TV shows...must've really got my listening skills up XD

I actually got a bit distracted during the listening exam because of the pace of the exam...
but miraculously I still chose the correct answer.

Now there is only N1 left....I will get books and see if it is possible for me to study enough to take it at the end of this year :)

I want to be more prepared because last year I was underprepared and felt really nervous about it all...

I hope everyone else who took their JLPT did well :) If you missed out, don't worry! there's always the next year!!

Good luck