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30 March 2015 @ 11:57 pm
It's me again!  

So I'm back after almost a year since the last post!

I have been somewhat keeping up with my other blog though (ameblo.jp/shinelover) though even that one I haven't written for a while...some things have happened and I haven't kept it up (though I should write entries as part of my portfolio building too...)

so I'm now 5 weeks into my 2nd year of Masters.
Somehow made it through the first year!! @_@

I'm still finding the assessments quite difficult...especially for the core education unit!

I'm loving Languages Curriculum studies and have a wonderful cohort :)

I have been doing hours at the support class of my old primary school (and is loving it! Makes me think that perhaps I should have gone into primary teaching! Many people say I seem to be suited to PS teaching too...hmm...)

It's hard but I feel that it's going to be very rewarding.