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24 April 2016 @ 03:37 pm
So it seems...  
so it seems I come back and post about once a year XD I am horrible at keeping a journal everyday...I haven't even been writing in my ameblo for a while now! (oops)

So here's an update on me. I have graduated from my Masters (YAY) and is now working as a casual teacher. I have been very lucky to be able to go back and work at my own high school where I also did my internship and practical experience. It is the only school I am currently on the casual list for as I am using the rest of the time to just have a bit of a break (continuously studying from when I started school at 2years old all the way through to 7 years in Uni!! I think I need the break!) just to have some breathing room and also to sort out everything from cleaning my room to getting my driver's licence. My DKT is booked for next Friday! Wish me luck! It is the first step towards finally getting my licence...I always wanted to drive as a child....up until probably late primary-early high school....then the thought of it scares me! But it is a lot more convenient to get to work and also Massu and Okada's love for driving xP I worked as a substitute for Japanese and also...Chinese! Even though I really can't teach senior Chinese because I am very bad at speaking Mandarin and also reading simplified Chinese... orz On those days I also got to work with sports (gymnastics and futsal), exam supervision and geography classes. Behaviour management is one of my biggest issues! Probably doesn't help that I'm less than a decade older than the year 12s and I'm short...most of the kids are taller than me!! So I don't have a very commanding presence yet...it is something I will work on....probably for as long as I teach!

Another potential endeavor for me is to branch out into tutoring! Some of my friends have talked about it and tutoring seems like a good plan to go into if teaching proves to be difficult (with getting positions or just too mentally straining as we've heard about it OAO;;;)

anyway~ I've been booked in to work for about 7 weeks as a Japanese teacher (casual most likely) in the next term. There will be lots of exams, marking and report writing but I am looking forward to learning more from all the wonderful teachers there! (even though it will be stressful!) I am hoping to get more work....however I did make one mistake previously...I hope it will not marr my chances of getting called in... >_<

Ok. enough of the work talk XD

Another new thing is that I am now a pretty big V6 fan XD NEWS is still my absolute favourite but V6 is now my favourite oldie group ~ I knew about Okada from SP...but wasn't too into V6 as a whole group because I didn't know much about them! But now....omg...XD like NEWS, I love each of them in some way (I did think Ken was annoying at first...but discovered that hardworking streak in him esp with the sign language!) It is a strange feeling...like I've known about SMAP since I was very very young (kimutaku is famous in HK) and then found out about Johnnys as a company around the time I was 16-17. Then I got into NEWS. I slowly gained interest in the other groups as well....including Arashi as my friend was a big fan....though....now that I think about it...my love for NEWS and V6 is a lil different to Arashi. I don't know how to describe it!

So now in Johnnys my fav groups are
- NEWS (tegomass included)
- V6
- Arashi
- Tokio (I love DASH xD)

I like HSJ but I'm not sure if I'm to the "fan" stage yet hmm....
groups after HSJ, sorry I haven't been paying attention! It seems I like older guys xP

So now I'm just hunting down old videos to watch....though it has been a difficult few years for fansubbers so it is kinda hard to find things :') especially with V6 being an older group a lot of links no longer work ;w;

oh well~ It is nice to be back (momentarily) and I will hopefully update here....or my ameblo again soon!

p.s if I get anything I find interesting, I may try my hand at writing out translations (I did translate Koyama's tweets on twitter before for a friend...but never did anything substantial....because I cannot technology lol but I guess if I write up the translations here perhaps people can use it and time it to videos :) who knows! I will like to give something back to the fandom that I love so much and has definitely been a huge part of my continued studies in Japanese....plus...might as well put my language studies to use right XD So if you are still reading my journal or happen to come across my journal and would love to get something translated (J-Eng or Eng-J if you're writing a fan letter perhaps?) from Johnnys or even the AKB48 group do let me know :) I may not be able to respond immediately but I will get around to it!