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20 April 2010 @ 11:48 pm
well well~ uni is getting busy again! I regret choosing my cell bio class...but i guess i'll just have to try my best!

So i havn't updated in a long time...and i'm sorry!! i havn't updated my ameblo for a month now :( i need to repost all entries to it for the missing days xD ah~ i'll get to it..some time :l

Well what made me update now?

Tegomass no ai is coming out TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! :D i havn't preordered :l

but i did get Sakura Girl (LE and RE) from Amazon.co.jp~ sankyuu okaasan! :D

ALSO ALSO! recently i've fallen for....SETO KOJI :D
From watching Atashinchi no Danshi xDD hehe~~
So i want to get Junon 2009 December and 2010 January...special Kouji cards :l i found it on ebay...but not able to get anything until after i finish my exams :l

I have japanese written exam tomorrow! xD lol Topic is : reflections on Japanese customs (i've chosen to write on the Japanese custom...USE OF LANGUAGE! :D hopefully i will remember it and write well :S)

well instead of studying..i finished watching atashinchi no danshi, Happy boys...and RINNE NO AME!

i recommend that movie highly! Yamamoto Yusuke and Seto Koji both do a great job acting! but mind you, it's a very dramatic and sad story! (well written nevertheless!) How they both portrayed the characters was...WOW! THat'll stop people from saying the Japanese pretty boys are only good for looks! (because of Koji..now i'm paying more attention to Dboys too xDD haha~~ )

Anyways...i probably won't update for some time after this..because i have a report due next week..
the test tomorrow...a quiz this week....a quiz in 2 weeks :l and a report due in 2 weeks...
i think there's more but those are the ones i remember right now D: so much work!

20 April 2010 @ 11:41 pm
so i'm back in sydney...again xD after trip back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Years! it was lots of fun, lots of yummy food :P hehehe

Uni has started! first week ended already!!!! i feel so tired...even though there's really not that much work....yet!

anywayz...once again i've neglected my livejournal...even though i said i wanted to fix up tags and everything =___+

well....i have started a japanese blog (so for those interested please go read it!! if you have Ameba please add me :D )

-> http://ameblo.jp/shinelover

this is my personal project to try and make myself use more japanese...and hopefully improve! because in japanese 5 classes...i feel like i don't know anything and am really behind everyone else D: 

that's all from me now!! i have like 4 entries i need to update ameblo with tonight lol i wonder if i'll actually finish it in time?? lol i'll just cheat and change the date/time

(haha i thought i'll come update my LJ...and look! i had a draft written few months back but never finished it and posted :P ah well here it is! and i'll do new post right after)
31 January 2010 @ 11:52 pm
Last fanmeet was a huge success!! Thanks for organising it Arisa :)

Now it hasn't been long since the last fanmeet, but i know we were all hoping to meet up again soon! I know some have started school so it might be a bit hard to get together or some people might have work....

BUT i thought it'll be a great meet up if we all go to Sydney's Natsu Matsuri Together!


When: Saturday 6 February 2010, 11am – 10pm
Where: Palm Grove, Darling Harbour, Sydney
Admission: Free

It'll be great if we can all go together and of course wear your yukata if you have one (or bring it to change into at darling harbour if you'd rather not wear it on the bus xD like me )

Even though it starts at 11am we can meet up later. Also if you don't have a yukata, but has a cosplay costume? there's a cosplay parade this year! so feel free to come along in costume >w<

Please leave your name and contact details here if you can come along :)

(please feel free to bring along any friends, even if they do not like JE~ we can all have fun together!)
31 October 2009 @ 11:11 pm

 Choco and ichigo cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!

first off...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my DEAR DEAR Massu-loving friend PIKA-CHAN!!!! (totsu )

Wishing you all the very best~Hope you had a GREAT DAY


This year, people in my suburb put up yellow balloons to indicate that we were in on the fun of giving out candy to kids xD it was a good idea!! that way, people who don't wanna be disturbed won't be and the kids know which houses has candy!

as usual, we put candy into a basket and set it outside our door, that way the kids can take the candy without waiting for us to open the door xD I drew up a note on A4 paper to say they were welcome to the candy but not the basket xD loL! i also drew a pumpkin (kabocha-chan >w<), ghost, candy and witches hat on it as decoration. the words HAPPY HALLOWEEN were written to resemble blood dripping xD

too bad some kids tore up the paper, i'm a lil annoyed at that...every year we've done it, no kids has torn up the paper and scattered it across our yard...they could've knocked on the door if it was because we ran outta candy in the basket....ah well...

all in all a good night.

I know there are some comments i havn't replied to yet...GOMEN! Uni has been mighty busy....the semester has just finished..now i have 1 week study break and then finals...

I will reply all ASAP!!! >_< gomen gomen! m(___ ____)m

I've been pretty behind in all of my online things....i'll try to get back up and running soon!

i'll probably be back with a journal post tomorrow stating what has been happening for the past few weeks...i just wanted to make a post tonight to wish Pika-chan Happy birthday first ^_^

18 September 2009 @ 10:30 pm

Most of my assessments are over now!! finished 5 this week! 4 assessments yesterday alone O_O

thankfully i finished all in time!

was very nervous doing the presentation..i brought in a hachimaki (i'll take a photo of me wearing it if anyone wants to see xD drop me a request in the comment!) and then the teacher was like "are you going to wear it?"
me: "eh...no..?! do you want me to wear it?"
teacher:"eh..i don't WANT you to wear it......"
classmate" YESSSSS"
teacher:"ok, PUT IT ON!!! xD"

O_O so i put it on and left it for the whole presentation

part of the presentation i wrote about NEWS and Morning musume (nationalism in today's culture!)

we planned to play previews of the songs i mentioned (LOVE MACHINE - mm and akaku moyuru taiyou -news) but thought we won't have enough time to play it (even though i cut the songs to just phrases we mentioned)...so we didn't end up playing it...

after the presentation was finished...
lecturer suddenly: "are you gonna play the song?"
lecturer: "play love machine! it's such a good song"

then came about 2min awkwardness where we were trying to locate the song...

*plays the short short 15sec preview of love machine *

lecturer *bobs head to music*

oh and my lecturer is MALE xD i didn't expect him to be morning musume fan O_O

i wasn't happy with my essay...since i only found one good article (on youth and nationalism!) the second essay was hard to relate....>_< i just hope for pass!!!

next coming up is Chemistry quiz next week and chemisty assessment 2! then i have one week break!! YAY

oh and excited news, found out from fan report (tegomass con) THERE WILL BE A TEGOMASS CON DVD RELEASED!!!!!

Yes....i'm very excited xDD

i shall be waiting :P

oh and about the title of this entry. i just ate a pudding flavoured ice cream xDD it was good :D

06 September 2009 @ 12:27 am
i got maths 1014 quiz bak..only 7/15 T^T so i must work harder on that subject!!!

as for japanese in class test...halfway through test...fire alarm went off....^_^; so we had to stop...get out of room...wait...*waited for like...almost an hour?! probably not that long xD mayb a lil more than 1/2hr* go bak in and finish...so everyone got a chance to cheat xDD loL!

i knew how to answer most of the questions....but then i mixed up some facts for one of them ;___; and one was based on a class reading...some essay/academic paper that i couldn't remember clearly orz

but i hope it was ok!

now the line of assessments i must do within 2 weeks!

- Maths 1013 assignment
- Chemisty data analysis report
- JPNS2660 Essay
- JPNS2660 Group presentation (i still haven't found my academic source for my topic - Japanese nationalism O_O HELP!!!!....need to organise group meeting too!)
- Molecular biology LDH diagnostic report

i think that's all...for the next two weeks @___@ then i get one week midsem break from 28th sept!

i also have to make Chocolate eclairs for my brother to take to school on monday as part of his year level's store for International day! *i'm too nice to him sometimes xD*

OOOO and i met a NEWS fan @ my japanese class! we all got called to the front and the room spilt into 4 sections...the lecturer will point at each one of us and assign us to a place. We must leave 2 seats between us and the person "next to us"

i was assigned to the back left hand corner xDD and in front of me...was a girl carrying NEWS' pacific con shopping bag!!!!!!!
i talked to her after the test...*kinda awkward...* she's from China and used to really LOVE NEWS a lot..but apparently recently likes arashi more? ah well~ meeting another JE fan makes me happy >w<

*once again too lazy for tags.....will add later @__@*

[Other things to do this week -
-Record stardust and send
-Record kimagure Romantic --miko san has been so nice to extend it so long for me!
- NIFSUBBS ;P (no probs~ my brother offered to help translate with me xD and he is like10X better than me @ japanese xDDDDDDD) -> makes it worthwhile to help him cook :3

(P.S i found LOADS of cute emotes....if i can be bothered to upload each onto photobucket...i will start using them for my journal entries xD tho my LJ has been quite boring so far...always just my blog ^_^; sorry minna!!!)
01 September 2009 @ 10:47 pm
I got chem quiz and MBLG calculations assignment marks back....passed both! PHEW

now it's just seeing the maths quizzes and the in class japanese test....O_O

linear i had a bit of trouble with...all the vectors @__@ differential and difference at least i wrote something for each question....=__=" hopefully i remembered correctly. as for japanese, it's coming up on thursday! 頑張りまっすー! i hope i will be able to remember all the historical/cultural facts along with all the japanese vocab....we're not alowed to use kanji in the test though!!!!!! WHYYYYYY (T^T)

i know it's an advantage to say Chinese students....but...wouldn't english be a disadvantage to most of them? gaah...i dun really get it...
mayb it's coz this course is for people who did japanese 2 (beginners) so no kanji? ah well....

there's gonna be all forms of questions cept for MCQs....mayb even short essays...so better get my facts right! *ENTER STUDY MODE....tomorrow xD*

I just got a text message from my friend (Arashi Fan i met in japanese class xD) she said yamapi and ryo-chan have caught swine flu!
I hope it's a very mild case and they'll get over it real soon :)

Everyone stay safe!!!! (Us peoples in the southern hemisphere is a lil better off, we've almost gotten over our regular flu season! but careful all you northern hemisphere people! Your flu season is probably about to start? regardless, everyone stay safe!)

*i'm too lazy to add tags, mood, location etc...i'll probably come back and add all those in when i've finished my work.....hmm...university is quite busy from now on...assessments one after another..then it's time for finals again @__@ but hopefully end of nov i will get more time, once i finish finals :D*
31 August 2009 @ 11:26 pm

i should be doing my prac manual work for tomorrow...and studying for maths Difference and differential equations quiz which is also tomorrow O_O ...

but it was hard to resist downloading and watching NewS 24hr tv from the wonderful newshfan 

I just downloaded Koyama's shadow puppet show with the children...
(and watched Yamapi and friend's letter part +seishun amigo -> the letter was beautiful! kame disappointed me though...he almost ruined the whole segment for me =_+)

The show is just so heartwarming and it make me want to work hard!!! To see how hard the children and koyama worked...and how much they trusted each other by the end of the project. It made me cry >3<

I must say the song Tsubomi fits it well! *now i can't help but cry and think of Koyama and the children everytime i hear the song T^T*


now i better get back to my work ^_^;
30 August 2009 @ 05:36 pm

aaaaaa gomen gomen! I havn't even updated with SMASH DAY 2 D; (i hope i remember most of it when i have time to write up that day's "account")

Recently, University has been HELLA busy...so hence....no update D;

It's week 6 (coming week) and i have a Maths Quiz and the JPNS2660 in class test (weeks 1-5 lectures and readings will be tested >_<) i hope i can remember all the facts for that...i dun even remember all the time periods...i remember names....like Tokugawa Period, Meiji, Showa...but i only remember that Meiji began in 1868 and Heisei was 1989 ^_^; Meiji period was the ["westernisation" to become a modern country] period i believe...
ahhh i better go study all the things again...the test is on thursday @__@

i already did another maths and chemistry quiz last week. i passed the chemistry one :) so that was good...

Also have group presentation (for japanese, it's on Japanese Nationalism) due in week 8....my group hasn't replied my emails....ARGHHH>>>>>>

we also have to write an INDIVIDUAL essay... i think essay is worth more than the presentation....so that's good O_O i think...
i'm a bit lost as to what i should do and focus on for the topic though! (for the presentation, we'll probably find 1~2 points to talk about mainly...and it's cultural and historical significance...since we only have 8 min....essay is 1000words....and we have to analyse 2 "articles" (from an academic source) that is on the topic we are given....)

arghh...too many assessments coming up...too many things where i dunno what to do >3<

ON a happy note, i went to Wasabi's events again! it's really fun~~
Also NIF SUBBS is starting!~ ^__^ i'm excited about that, tho i'm not entirely sure if i'm capable of translating the videos well at this point in time O_O

Also there's a group called "Shoujo tenshi" i havn't sent in audition yet >_< gomen ne sara-chan! hopefully i'll find some time and send in audition soon! (closes in october doesn't it O_O)

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08 August 2009 @ 09:50 pm
just a quick lil note~

TODAY was SMASH first day! it was HECTIC. we had a stream of customers at the maid cafe from opening to closing @_@ i was told there was always a huge line outside O_O we were sold out of various cakes within the first 2 hours of opening...and at closing..we had gone through ALMOST ALL the cakes! including cakes that were supposedly ordered for 2 days @__@ so yeh.. i was decorating (and my hands still smell like icing =_+") it was fun~ but tiring! standing for at least 10hrs nonstop! so busy, no time for break either.....*sigh*
i will def do it again next yr if given the chance tho xDD


so yeh~ just saying sorry for not updating...and sorry to all the peeps who i owe something to...like musc projects (thank you guys for being so understanding when i told you that i wouldn't be able to finish the songs earlier as intended  >_<)

another good thing about working at SMASH maid cafe. makes lots of new friends :) i hope i can keep in contact with them~~ ^_^

also i met a MASSU fan!! (She's so lucky! she went to NewS con and ACTUALLY TOUCHED MASSU'S HAND!) she apparently saw that someone's maid name was "Massu" and immediately wanted to find out who xD she saw me in the bathroom this morning before opening...and was like.."Oh you're massu!...umm do you know...the...massu? the japanese.....*trails off*" me:" oh you mean Masuda Takahisa? yeh i know him ^_^" her (will be known as mochi from hereafter, that's her maid name xD): "OMG~! do you like massu?" me:"HELL YEAH!" mochi:"YAY!!! I LOVE MASSU AS WELL!!" *then we went on...and kinda talked about why we liked massu and how we dun hav friends who appreciate massu as we do in sydney xDDDDDDD and she took a photo with me..when i was still in my "guy costume" xD the wig kinda hates me and didn't work properly today tho D;*
Anywayz that is all for now! i must wake @5:30am tomoro morning! and get to SMASH by 7! so i shall sleep now...and hope to get some strength bak~ didn't get to take many photos today..but yeh...
hopefully i will tomoro!
i dunno if i'll wear th wig tomoro...or just be a "waitress" tho...i kinda cbb to do the hair =_="

but i will work it all out~ i'll just take most of the stuff with me lmao xD

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