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24 April 2016 @ 03:37 pm
so it seems I come back and post about once a year XD I am horrible at keeping a journal everyday...I haven't even been writing in my ameblo for a while now! (oops)

So here's an update on me. I have graduated from my Masters (YAY) and is now working as a casual teacher. I have been very lucky to be able to go back and work at my own high school where I also did my internship and practical experience. It is the only school I am currently on the casual list for as I am using the rest of the time to just have a bit of a break (continuously studying from when I started school at 2years old all the way through to 7 years in Uni!! I think I need the break!) just to have some breathing room and also to sort out everything from cleaning my room to getting my driver's licence. My DKT is booked for next Friday! Wish me luck! It is the first step towards finally getting my licence...I always wanted to drive as a child....up until probably late primary-early high school....then the thought of it scares me! But it is a lot more convenient to get to work and also Massu and Okada's love for driving xP I worked as a substitute for Japanese and also...Chinese! Even though I really can't teach senior Chinese because I am very bad at speaking Mandarin and also reading simplified Chinese... orz On those days I also got to work with sports (gymnastics and futsal), exam supervision and geography classes. Behaviour management is one of my biggest issues! Probably doesn't help that I'm less than a decade older than the year 12s and I'm short...most of the kids are taller than me!! So I don't have a very commanding presence yet...it is something I will work on....probably for as long as I teach!

Another potential endeavor for me is to branch out into tutoring! Some of my friends have talked about it and tutoring seems like a good plan to go into if teaching proves to be difficult (with getting positions or just too mentally straining as we've heard about it OAO;;;)

anyway~ I've been booked in to work for about 7 weeks as a Japanese teacher (casual most likely) in the next term. There will be lots of exams, marking and report writing but I am looking forward to learning more from all the wonderful teachers there! (even though it will be stressful!) I am hoping to get more work....however I did make one mistake previously...I hope it will not marr my chances of getting called in... >_<

Ok. enough of the work talk XD

Another new thing is that I am now a pretty big V6 fan XD NEWS is still my absolute favourite but V6 is now my favourite oldie group ~ I knew about Okada from SP...but wasn't too into V6 as a whole group because I didn't know much about them! But now....omg...XD like NEWS, I love each of them in some way (I did think Ken was annoying at first...but discovered that hardworking streak in him esp with the sign language!) It is a strange feeling...like I've known about SMAP since I was very very young (kimutaku is famous in HK) and then found out about Johnnys as a company around the time I was 16-17. Then I got into NEWS. I slowly gained interest in the other groups as well....including Arashi as my friend was a big fan....though....now that I think about it...my love for NEWS and V6 is a lil different to Arashi. I don't know how to describe it!

So now in Johnnys my fav groups are
- NEWS (tegomass included)
- V6
- Arashi
- Tokio (I love DASH xD)

I like HSJ but I'm not sure if I'm to the "fan" stage yet hmm....
groups after HSJ, sorry I haven't been paying attention! It seems I like older guys xP

So now I'm just hunting down old videos to watch....though it has been a difficult few years for fansubbers so it is kinda hard to find things :') especially with V6 being an older group a lot of links no longer work ;w;

oh well~ It is nice to be back (momentarily) and I will hopefully update here....or my ameblo again soon!

p.s if I get anything I find interesting, I may try my hand at writing out translations (I did translate Koyama's tweets on twitter before for a friend...but never did anything substantial....because I cannot technology lol but I guess if I write up the translations here perhaps people can use it and time it to videos :) who knows! I will like to give something back to the fandom that I love so much and has definitely been a huge part of my continued studies in Japanese....plus...might as well put my language studies to use right XD So if you are still reading my journal or happen to come across my journal and would love to get something translated (J-Eng or Eng-J if you're writing a fan letter perhaps?) from Johnnys or even the AKB48 group do let me know :) I may not be able to respond immediately but I will get around to it!
30 March 2015 @ 11:57 pm

So I'm back after almost a year since the last post!

I have been somewhat keeping up with my other blog though (ameblo.jp/shinelover) though even that one I haven't written for a while...some things have happened and I haven't kept it up (though I should write entries as part of my portfolio building too...)

so I'm now 5 weeks into my 2nd year of Masters.
Somehow made it through the first year!! @_@

I'm still finding the assessments quite difficult...especially for the core education unit!

I'm loving Languages Curriculum studies and have a wonderful cohort :)

I have been doing hours at the support class of my old primary school (and is loving it! Makes me think that perhaps I should have gone into primary teaching! Many people say I seem to be suited to PS teaching too...hmm...)

It's hard but I feel that it's going to be very rewarding.

24 April 2014 @ 09:06 pm

so as you all know I blog at ameblo.jp/shinelover now to keep using Japanese so I can keep up my skillz and improve!

But I thought I'll do a small post here to update about what has happened

1) I took the JLPT N1 Test Dec 2013 and has passed (although just barely! So I need to work harder!!!)

2) I'm actually graduating from University next Friday on 2nd May :)

3) I got accepted into the Masters of Teaching course at University of Sydney and am now halfway through my first semester! (only 3.5 semesters to go!) I am studying to become a Secondary Japanese and Chemistry teacher

It's been pretty difficult as the format for assessments has been very different to what I'm used to...but I'm still working hard on it! I've learnt a lot and the pace of things is really really fast @__@

I've met some nice people in my course and I'm very grateful for all the support!

that is all from me for now :)

BONUS: I AM NOW A MEMBER OF THE NEWS FANCLUB OFFICIALLY!!!!! And aim to renew my membership each year :D as long as my agent keeps providing that service :>

09 February 2013 @ 01:17 am

Livejournal is the first place online I've actually released this information...

I took the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) last year in December.

I took the N2 level...and finally got online results back (well I got them back about a week ago?)

and miraculously I PASSED!

a bit sad about the marks in both grammar/kanji/vocab section. I really should've put more time into studying XD;;;

but too bad the exam was just a week from my uni finals...so effectively I had about 5 days to study all the material for N2 orz
It's a wonder I managed to do alright in Reading XD
and...an even bigger wonder about listening part!
FULL MARKS XD I must thank NEWS (and also the AKB fandom) and my wonderful fandom for this!

watching their videos RAW, watching dramas, TV shows...must've really got my listening skills up XD

I actually got a bit distracted during the listening exam because of the pace of the exam...
but miraculously I still chose the correct answer.

Now there is only N1 left....I will get books and see if it is possible for me to study enough to take it at the end of this year :)

I want to be more prepared because last year I was underprepared and felt really nervous about it all...

I hope everyone else who took their JLPT did well :) If you missed out, don't worry! there's always the next year!!

Good luck

24 December 2012 @ 03:34 pm

I haven't used LJ for a long long time now....

I blog mostly from my Ameblo

(http://ameblo.jp/shinelover )

sometimes I update my dA as well XD but rarely...

mostly I just use Ameblo...to practice my Japanese and also because I can update it from my phone easily ^^;; (I'm getting lazy orz )

Also I guess I used to us LJ most for my fandom....which isn't quite as active now due to various reasons (THOUGH THE BOYS ARE BACK!)

since starting uni....I haven't had as much time to get fandom stuff done (like making posts...but it's also coz I'm a bit lazy ^^;; )

I have also discovered more artists and various things I like tho XD So that's good I guess?

well just thought I'll type up a short entry since it's been so long :P

10 July 2011 @ 07:13 pm

so I've decided to try and get more active in my beloved JE fandom again~ and getting back on LJ seemed like a great idea :D


so here I am 8D hehehe


not much to say..cept i'm hungry D: I can smell dinner is almost ready...... @__@ hungrrrry

also trying to locate a vest so I can use it for photoshoot...but somehow can't remember where that exact vest is ^^;;

guess I'll just keep on searching!

19 March 2011 @ 07:27 pm
Thank you guys, our donation has just been completed!

It ends up with ¥91,894 JPY, I am amazed that we collected such huge amount of money. I am sure this money will help my friends studying in Tohoku region.

There are some of my friends in Tohoku, who I still cannot contact with, but I won't lose hope until it's sure whether they are alive or not.
Groupon Japan has a maximum limit for donation, ¥10,000 JPY for one account. Therefore, I changed the plan and donated Red Cross Japan directly. I sent ¥92,000 JPY to red cross in total.

I sent an e-mail with receipt picture to the people who donated. Please check your e-mail account which you used for this donation.

This donation is finished because the donation page I made is not really convenient to use. There are many other good donation pages now, so if you still want to donate more, please use these below.

American Red Cross : https://american.redcross.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=ntld_main&s_src=F8HWA002

Global Giving : http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/japan-earthquake-tsunami-relief/

Yahoo Japan internet donation : http://volunteer.yahoo.co.jp/donation/detail/1630001/index.html#purpose

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a message.

Thanks again, I hope you guys have a peaceful day without any of fears :-)

Kota Samejima


みなさまのご協力のおかげで、 ¥91,894 JPYもの募金がたった2日間と少しで集まりました。友達伝の募金だけで、これだけの金額が集まり、正直少し驚いております。この募金はわずかながらも、きっと被災された方々の希望となるでしょう。



募金の最少額が¥2,000JPYからでしたので、差額を私個人で出して、合計¥92,000 JPYを寄付させていただきました。募金していただいたかたには、別途レシート等を添付したメールをお送りさせていただいておりますので、ご確認ください。


American Red Cross : https://american.redcross.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=ntld_main&s_src=F8HWA002

Global Giving : http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/japan-earthquake-tsunami-relief/

Yahoo Japan インターネット募金: http://volunteer.yahoo.co.jp/donation/detail/1630001/index.html#purpose





鮫島 甲太


WASABI Japanese cultural exchange club at Sydney university is also organising many fundraising events in the following weeks.
We hope we'll be able to help the many people in need in Japan.
Our first proper fundraiser will be a BBQ on Monday from 12-2pm so any people in Sydney who is free please drop by! We are in a relatively easy to find position, situated in front of the Chemistry Building on Eastern Avenue.

BBQ is $4 (for sausage+drink) we will also have donation boxes around! よろしくお願い致します 

Please take care!
The earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku is so devastating. Lots of other areas and even other countries have been affected. I pray that all of you in Japan and all your family and friends are safe. Please take care!

To those who live in places that may also be affected by resulting tsunamis, please take care!!!

Stay safe everyone


My friend Kota Samejima has taken the initiative to set up a donation page (particularly so we, who are not in Japan, can help as much as possible. Please read and help by donating or sharing with friends!)


Please read following carefully, and only the people who agree my plan, donate with your credit card or paypal on the link below.


...As you guys already known, there was a horrible earthquake in Japan. It recorded the magnitude of 8.8 in Tohoku region, one of the biggest quake ever. Also that earthquake led another big quake around the Kanto capital region, and the function of the capital Tokyo city stopped.

My sister was in central Tokyo, and I couldn't contact with here about 5 hours after the quake happened. I was really worried while I was waiting for her message, checking the news online and the name of people past away.

I was feeling frustrated that I am in far away from Japan, and couldn't help anything for my family or friends. Hundreds of people are lost by 10 meters high Tsunami, and there are still many people suffering from injuries and fear of another big aftershock in freezing shelters.

Therefore I made a donation page for my miserable home country.You can decide how much you donate for them, $1 or 2 is still ok. The collected money will be sent to the donation campaign held by Groupon Japan at 14/3/2011 (Mon) 10 AM. Then, that will be sent to the red cross, and Groupon also donates same amount of money. It means we can send double amount of donation to the red cross.

If you have your own account of Groupon Japan, you can donate by yourself from the following link.


After you finish donation, please change your status of the event attendance to "attending".

Even if you don't have any credit card or paypal account, please tell your friends about this donation.

Also if you have a twitter account or something, please tweet with this following link, my new launched blog page for this donation.


Thank you for your cooparation.

Kota Samejima



皆 さんご存知の通り、この度過去に類を見ないほど大規模な地震が日本を襲いました。その規模は、なんと最大マグニチュード8.8、宮城県の一部では震度7を 計測したようです。そして、そのすぐ後にも茨城県沖で大規模な地震が誘発され、首都東京は機能停止を余儀なくされました。




集めたお金は、2011/3/14 (月)の10時に、グルーポン・ジャパン株式会社へとまとめて送金致します。









鮫島 甲太
01 October 2010 @ 08:00 pm
Wendy ended up deleting her LJ before OCT1st...

ah well...

I wish her all the best.

I hope that she will find somewhere to post up links to her awesomely subbed videos 
but will understand if she chooses not to due to people who can't follow simple rules and were just plain rude to her.

Well, this motivates me to do more subbing.

Wendy was one of the best in the JE fandom.....

NEWS fandom already has a lack of fansubbers...*sigh*

Should get NIF back on track :/
26 September 2010 @ 02:38 pm
I have not been keeping up with JE fandom orz
and now that mid-semester break has come...I decided to finally catch up a bit

and find out..

NEWShFAN is closing down her LJ D:


darn inconsiderate people! You're ruining the fandom for EVERYONE!
Wendy had simple requests, just DON'T UPLOAD TO STREAMING SITES! I don't understand why you inconsiderate people couldn't abide by that rule? I understand wanting to share the wonderful subbed videos by Wendy..but you could usually just REPOST the link to her journal at YOUR blog or facebook or whatever instead of breaking that rule!
Also why are there people who are leaving nasty comments?! Wendy is subbing FOR us fans! She doesn't have to do it! She's just nice enough to share her knowledge with us!


On the other hand...life has been pretty good (well...now i'm angry at those people...but otherwise good)
Uni has been fun at least....because of my wonderful wasabi family.
My japanese seems to have improved somewhat.

But has seriously bee neglecting all my online things -__- expect facebook and email

even ameblo I haven't been updating.*sigh*


I hope us fangirls can come together and somehow change wendy's mind.