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24 April 2014 @ 09:06 pm
Update on what has happened owo)b  

so as you all know I blog at ameblo.jp/shinelover now to keep using Japanese so I can keep up my skillz and improve!

But I thought I'll do a small post here to update about what has happened

1) I took the JLPT N1 Test Dec 2013 and has passed (although just barely! So I need to work harder!!!)

2) I'm actually graduating from University next Friday on 2nd May :)

3) I got accepted into the Masters of Teaching course at University of Sydney and am now halfway through my first semester! (only 3.5 semesters to go!) I am studying to become a Secondary Japanese and Chemistry teacher

It's been pretty difficult as the format for assessments has been very different to what I'm used to...but I'm still working hard on it! I've learnt a lot and the pace of things is really really fast @__@

I've met some nice people in my course and I'm very grateful for all the support!

that is all from me for now :)

BONUS: I AM NOW A MEMBER OF THE NEWS FANCLUB OFFICIALLY!!!!! And aim to renew my membership each year :D as long as my agent keeps providing that service :>